Comfortable one-story family house with a floor plan full of distinct functionality — not too big, yet very roomy. Providing comfort for everyday living while being mindful of housework, so it can be completed with ease. High ceilings give this house additional space, and the large L-shaped terrace lets you enjoy the sun all day.

Wide and airy living space married with the kitchen becomes a well-loved gathering spot for the whole family.
All Dores homes offer flexible terraces that effortlessly blend with indoor spaces and can be adapted in size and placement.

We've opted for the minimalistic Zen corner joint instead of the traditional dovetail, enhancing the house with a sleeker and more modern appearance. However, it can be crafted with either the traditional dovetail or the modern Zen corner, and also designed in timber framing.

Settle 1 is designed to have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a utility room, and a spacious living area combined with a kitchen and access to a terrace.

SETTLE 1 floor-plan

Living space: 119 m2
Building area: 190 m2
Incl. terrace: 46 m2

SETTLE 1 floor plan

Living space: 119 m2
Building area: 190 m2
Incl. terrace: 46 m2

Timber framing or log?

Constructed with modern glulam logs, the space is filled with the warmth and coziness of natural wood, both inside and out. Meanwhile, timber framing offers the flexibility to substitute interior walls with alternative materials, enabling a personalized touch based on your preference.

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