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For two decades, we've crafted timber homes with care and conviction, strongly believing in the enduring beauty and sustainability of wood. Choosing a wooden home isn't just about choosing the construction material; it's about choosing a lifestyle that honors our planet and future generations. Now, with our wide range of standard models, we're committed to make healthy and eco-friendly living spaces accessible to all who dream of building their own homes.

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Living space 34m2 | 1-2 bedrooms
Living space 46+20m2 | 1-2 bedrooms
Living space 82m2 | 3 bedrooms
Living space 119m2 | 3 bedrooms
Living space 120m2 | 3 bedrooms
Living space 128m2 | 3 bedrooms
Living space 138m2 | 3 bedrooms
Living space 147m2 | 4 bedrooms

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Discover our new wooden home collection, step inside the factory, and get to know Northern design and building practices.

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