Two main pillars of Dores philosophy originate in sustainable ways of thinking throughout all processes - from the materials used in manufacturing to internal operations and communication with our clients. The utmost quality and attention to detail give Dores houses a top-quality reputation and excellent sustainability ratings.


Years of expertise in

sustainable construction


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Our manufacturing excellence is founded on a blend of flexibility and production capacity. Leveraging advanced technologies, some of which is engineered in-house, we have the capability to deliver up to 350 buildings annually and tailor production to accommodate projects of any scale.

We work with world-renowned Hundegger, Forma Machinery, Mida and Weinig equipment to meet the highest industry standards.
Each production process at Dores is carried out with great care and attention to detail.
Dores houses are made from pine and spruce wood, sourced responsibly from sustainably managed forests.

Behind every Dores home lies the power of our dedicated
team of professionals and effective teamwork.

We double-check and label every machine-manufactured part of the building to ensure flawless quality and an efficient assembly process.
Production efficiency, precision and speed are the key factors in delivering the best service to our customers.

The core of Dores philosophy and working methods stem from a father-and-son tandem. Egons and Atis Garklavs are both inspiring leaders, as much as they're restless visionaries with more ambitious ideas each year that have made Dores become one of the leading wooden house manufacturers in Northern Europe.

Atis Garklavs and Egons Garklavs

Building dreams: