For centuries, wood has been an excellent material for high-quality housing and healthy living. Today building with wood means constructing homes for people who think deeply and make thoughtful choices. Dores combine the best of tradition and innovation to create enduring houses that enhance family well-being, are built to last generations, and benefit the environment.

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Trust the experts of wooden living and choose from our carefully curated selection of standard projects in the Dores house collection.

SETTLE MINI in glulam log. Living space 82m2 | 3 bedrooms


Living space 34m2 | 1-2 bedrooms


Living space 46+20m2 | 1-2 bedrooms


Living space 128m2 | 3 bedrooms


Living space 147m2 | 4 bedrooms

Craft your very own, custom wooden home with us

If our standard homes don’t resonate with you, bring your own concept.

You dream it, we build it

From luxurious villas to charming holiday getaways, we are dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. No matter where you are in the process, we’ll help you create a cost-effective, easy-to-build house designed just for you.

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Trust us for large-scale timber construction projects

From glulam construction to timber panels, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and beyond, we cater to various sectors including public, commercial, and recreational.

Glulam structure for Latvia's State Forests customer center building, with 400 m3 of timber constructions supplied and assembled by Dores.

construction solutions

We have the expertise to navigate various construction environments and integrate a wide range materials, including engineered glulam structures, timber frame panels, CLT (cross-laminated timber) and other materials tailored to the requirements of your project and taking into consideration local standards and regulations.

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