Wooden homes for people and the planet

By combining principles rooted in tradition with the precision of modern technology, we create wooden houses that enhance human well-being and protect the environment.

Compared to a traditional log house, timber frame building allows for increasingly modern and ambitious constructions while maintaining health and environmental benefits.
The option to use contrasting natural materials in the exterior and interior is one of the many advantages of timber frame buildings.

The energy efficiency of Dores log homes stems from the patented Dovetail corner joint, which prevents heat loss and keeps the building warm and dry even during the harshest winter months.

The air in Dores homes is of the utmost quality thanks to the hypoallergenic qualities of wood, keeping the house and the people healthy for years to come.
A noteworthy advantage of a log house is its thermoregulation properties, allowing the building to accumulate heat in winter and stay cool on hot summer days.
More than 20 countries worldwide have a Dores house in their landscape – some in modern residential areas and some in the most remote corners of the land.
We believe that championing the construction of wooden buildings in the cityscape means advocating for a better quality of life for all of us and a sustainable future at a societal level.
We pride ourselves on making the construction time as short as possible. Each construction element is carefully labelled and sequentially packed, ensuring quick and straightforward on-site assembly.
More than a thousand families worldwide call Dores houses their home.

Manufacturing process

Two main pillars of Dores philosophy originate in sustainable ways of thinking throughout all processes - from the materials used in manufacturing to internal operations and communication with our clients. The utmost quality and attention to detail give Dores houses a top-quality reputation and excellent sustainability ratings.

We double-check and label every machine-manufactured part of the building to ensure flawless quality and an efficient assembly process.
We work with world-renowned Hundegger, Forma Machinery, Mida and Weinig equipment to meet the highest industry standards.
Atis Garklavs un Egons Garklavs
Atis Garklavs un Egons Garklavs

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